frequently asked questions

What additional items do I need to buy for my tent?


All the tents come complete with the necessary poles, standard pegs, and guy lines with line runners included. You also get a stuffbag, pole bag, peg bag, spare pole section with repair sleeve, and instructions. Depending on the intended use, you may want to purchase additional or special use ground pegs. These you will find in the accessories - spare parts section on this website. 

What are the dimensions of your tents when they are packed?

 We pack all our tents in generously cut stuff bags. This allows you to more easily pack your tent when it is cold, wet and windy in the mountains. As a result, the packed size is somewhat bigger than it would be with a more tailored stuff bag. All stuff bags, excluding those for our largest group tents, are approximately 50 cm (19 in) long and have plenty of room for your tent as well as the poles and pegs in their stuff begs. The length of our pole sections is 45 cm (17 in), except for our 17 mm poles, which have 51 cm (20 in) long sections. 

My tent is dirty. How do I clean it?

It is a good idea to set your tent up and then clean it with a sponge and lukewarm water. We do not recommend using any cleaning products. It is also very important to take a small brush and really brush the zippers, so that there is no sand or grit left in the teeth. Sand in the zippers can wear down the sliders and prevent them from working properly again. Check and make sure that your poles and pegs are clean and don’t have any damage. 

How tight should the ground straps be on my tunnel tent?

The ground straps in our tunnel tents help keep the poles at the proper height and tension. When they are adjusted correctly there should not be tension on the connectors between the inner and outer tent from the poles. If the ground strap is too tight, the poles will be under unnecessary stress and the inner tent will sag inwards at the sides. 

One of my pole sections is bent, is this normal?

Some of our tent models come with slightly pre-bent poles. These poles have a few sections that are pre-bent in order to reduce stress on the pole. 

What is your warranty?

T & T prides itself on making products with the highest quality materials and workmanship. We offer a comprehensive warranty against material and manufacturing defects. Since laws and regulations sometimes differ, warranty coverage may vary from country to country.